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Custom Made Products – Do it Together

The process of custom blending a product is a DIT (Do it Together) experience, where our trained  SpaTenders can help assist you to choose ingredients and craft a product, made just for you. We do not operate from a cookie-cutter product making perspective. This experience is about YOU! Your scent preferences, your skin and your health care goals. Products made your way!

The Bath & Beauty Blending Bar is a custom, made-to-order interactive product making experience, where customers are informed and empowered to create products based on their specific skin care goals and energetic make up.

Product Menu Selections

Customers choose from a menu of products, including aromatherapy products (think inhalers and roll-ons); bath products (some examples include bath soaks & fizzes, shampoos, dry shampoos, & conditioners, body washes & foaming hand soaps); body products (lotions & butters) facial products (clay masks, facial oils & mists) home & fragrance (think candles, herbal sachets & herbal steams, parfum & linen sprays) and an entire line devoted to mens’ products. See below for complete menu of products that may be customized in our store:


Blending Bar Products Also Available for Customization Online

If you don’t live close to our store or have time to visit our location  – not to worry! You can customize products on this website using all of our options for each product. CLICK HERE TO CUSTOM BLEND YOUR PRODUCT ONLINE.