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Hair - Dry Shampoo

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The nurture your hair loves without the water. Our dry shampoo is a baking soda and cocoa based powder that cleans beyond ordinary shampoos. Say goodbye to unwanted oils and damaged ends and hello to beautiful new hair with fresh natural ingredients from the earth you can trust. Blend with essential oils and aromatics tailored to the benefits you desire, various essential oils can yield different effects.


Custom Formulation Options: (Important! Please make sure to include your blending choices in the notes section to our SpaTenders prior to checkout)

  1. Choose three (3) Organic Essential Oils -OR- one (1) of our Blends (select 1 choice in the drop down) 

SIZE: 2 ounces 

HOW TO USE: Section hair to apply powder evenly. Apply by puffing dry shampoo powder near roots first, then through hair if needed. Massage into scalp. Brush away any loose powder. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.



Sodium bicarbonate (bakin soda), corn starch (zea mays), Theobrboma cacao (cocoa) powder*, zinc oxide (CL 77947), Manihot esculenta (Arrow root tapioca)*, aloe bbarbadensis (aloe leaf) powder*, pink clay (kaolin/illite), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c ester), provitamin B5 (DL-Panthenol), Organic blend of essential oils and fruit extracts.

*made with organic ingredients