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Spa Policies

Scheduling Appointments

When you contact us to schedule an appointment for the first time, we will need your name, phone number, e-mail address and credit card. An e-mail address is required, as our confirmation and client intake forms are sent to you upon scheduling your appointment. Scheduled appointments are reserved with a credit card, gift card, or on a prepaid basis. Your credit card will not be charged unless you choose to use it as your method of payment at checkout, or unless our below cancellation policy charge is enacted.

Online Client Intake Forms

As an eco-conscious spa, we are focused on cultivating a greener cleaner earth, and to that end we have an online client intake process. Upon booking your appointment, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you that will include the service intake forms, which will need to be completed prior to your upcoming appointment. Please complete your forms prior to your appointment to save time during the check in process and to get you relaxing faster!

Cancellation Policy

We respectfully request notification of at least 24 hours when canceling or rescheduling an appointment so that we may offer the openings to other clients and make the necessary changes to our staffing schedule. Any appointment that is not canceled or rescheduled with at least 24 hours’ notice will incur a fee equivalent to 50% of the price of the session booked. If an appointment is missed because of a no show, we do charge 100% of the service amount.

Product Return Policy

Saratoga Botanicals will accept returns of products in unused condition and with receipt within 30 days of purchase and for store credit only. We are unable to accept returns or issue credit on items that have been used or are opened. Our return policies are in accordance with state and federal regulations. We do feature testers and offer samples for most of our products.

Accepted Methods of Payment

We accept all major credit cards, Saratoga Botanicals Gift Cards, Spa Finder, Spa Wish & Spa Week Gift Certificates, as well as cash. Personal checks are not accepted.


It is customary to leave a gratuity for a service provider in appreciation for their outstanding service. Gratuities are left to your discretion, though the average tip is generally around 15 to 20%, with some clients choosing to leave more for excellent service. Our front desk staff will be happy to assist you in providing gratuities if desired. Tips in cash are preferred.

Specials and Discounts

From time to time we run specials, which can be found on our sales page. We also having ongoing specials and discounts. Please note that we do not combine specials, standing offers, or discounts. Below are our ongoing discounts and

  • 10% for rebooking
  • 10% birthday discount for repeat clients – to be used week of your birthday.
  • 10% military discount
  • Group or special events bookings. For rates, please e-mail us at info (at)
  • Buy any four (4) services and receive 15% off and buy six (6) of our services and receive 20% off. The 4 or 6-pack spa bundle, once purchased goes on client account and can be shared with family and friends and is good for one-year from date of purchase.


Groups/Spa Event Parties

We are available to help organize parties for family, friends, and business associates and create a unique spa day or evening experience. We offer special rates for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us at (518) 306-4108 or email us at e-mail us at info (at)


Frequently Ask Questions About What to Expect During Your Spa Visit

Below you will find information about what to expect for the different services that Saratoga Botanicals has to offer.  For first time clients or those that have never had a service before to those of you who are veterans, we hope the information will provide you with more clarity about our roles together and the processes of our services.

FAQs: General Spa Questions

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the session’s start to allow time for check in, get changed, and settle in. However, all guests are encouraged to come as early as they like and stay as late as they like late on the day of an appointment. Relax in our tranquility area, take a sauna, read, sip tea, visit with friends, or do whatever makes your day special.

How often should I visit a spa?

Determining a schedule of visits is a very individual decision. The frequency of sessions is based on your own response to bodywork or skincare, your financial situation, and your current therapeutic needs. Committing to a schedule as one would commit to any healthcare regimen is, of course, ideal. Some clients are able to come to Saratoga Botanicals Organic Spa & Store as frequently as once a week, while others are monthly or once a season. Your practitioner will be able to help you decide the best course for you. If you feel that frequent visits would serve you best, we offer packages and memberships to accommodate your needs.

What are the health benefits to visiting the spa?

There are many benefits to receiving our spa treatments. Some major health benefits of bodywork include increased circulation, injury rehabilitation, stress reduction, pain relief, better body awareness, deep relaxation, increased immunity, and detoxification. With facials, the benefits can include regulation of immune functions, clearing and flushing the skin of toxins, a reduction in fluid retention, sloughing dead skin cells, clearing pores (extractions), better moisture retention and elasticity, and stress relief. In either case the benefits of aromatherapy and acupressure can also be a part of sessions. In general, a visit to the spa is a gift to your whole, healthful person – mind, body and soul.

What should I wear? Do I have to remove my clothing?

For most services, you will be given one of our plush robes and  shower sandals. If you are receiving massage, bodywork, or a scrub, you may undress to your comfort level, however, we do recommend disrobing entirely to allow the therapists to work directly on muscles. If you are receiving a facial, it’s important to disrobe from the waist up, or at least from the shoulders up. You will be covered by a sheet for your privacy throughout massage and facial sessions. Waxing is dependent on your session of course (if you’re only coming in for treatment and not spending the day, you will be offered privacy in the room to prepare). For Reiki or Shiatsu, we recommend you wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.

Whom should I choose as a therapist? What Training Do Your Therapists Have?

All of our therapists are highly skilled professionals with individual areas of specialty and unique therapy styles. All of our therapists are hand-selected for their customer service skills as well as the high quality of their technique. Each is also licensed and certified in accordance with all applicable state and city laws. For more information on our therapists, please check our staff page. Please be sure to make your request at the time you schedule your appointment so we can schedule the appropriate staff member.

What Should I do with My Valuables?

To the extent possible, leave them at home. If you are concerned about a particular item, please keep it with you. Please remember to check your robe pockets before you leave.

Is There a Place Where I Can Take a Shower?

We have a shower room, complete with shampoo, conditioner and lotion. All guests receiving either massage, facials, or body treatments are welcome to use our showers either before or after receiving service. Remember to arrive early if you would like to shower first!

Do You Sell Gift Certificates or Products Over the Phone or Online?

Yes, and they may be sent by mail, overnight mail or e-mail (product shipping and handling costs may be applied). You may purchase a gift certificate for specific services or for any dollar amount. All gift certificates can be used towards any product and/or service of the value purchased. There are no cash refunds on gift certificates. Gift certificates do not expire.

How Many Guests Can You Accommodate at Once?

We can perform 6 services at any given time, and about 60 guests in a day during our weekday hours and about 40 during the weekend. If you are interested in planning a group event, please contact us at (518) 306-4108. We can customize and accommodate our services to meet the needs of your guests and budget.

FAQs: Massage Therapy

What Type of Massage Should I Choose?
It’s hard to go wrong when picking a massage at Saratoga Botanicals. Before booking, we suggest looking through the treatments on the website or discussing the options with our front desk staff. If one stands out, book it. If not, choose a few that seem attractive to you or think about what you’d like, and give us a call to talk over options. Let us know about any pain, discomfort, sensitivities or allergies you might have and what your goals might be for the session. We are happy to answer any questions, help you decide what treatment might work best, and suggest a specific therapist. On the day of your session, your therapist will also talk with you about your specific needs, goals, sensitivities, and anything else that comes up to make sure that your treatment is what you want and need.

When is it Not Recommended to Have a Massage?

  • You have unregulated high/low blood pressure.
  • You have the flu or stomach bug or other contagious illness – please make accommodations to reschedule your appointment. (we do ask that you try to give 24 hours notice)
  • You have an acute injury, open wound or rash or any condition that may put you or the therapist at risk

You have been drinking alcohol. It is against NYS law and unsafe for both you and the therapist.

Please let the therapist know if you are on any blood thinners during the medical intake process.

What Should I do Ahead of Time to Prepare for My Massage?

Drinking water is a good idea. Massage can be dehydrating, so you should arrive hydrated. Eating before massage, can make the massage a little bit uncomfortable, so we do not recommend eating big meals before. We also do not recommend drinking alcoholic beverages prior to your service.

What Should I Expect During My Massage?

Once you have been given direction by the therapist, they will leave the treatment room and allow you to “undress to your level of comfort”.  This means whatever you are comfortable in, you may wear for the session.  Many people will just leave undergarments on (We do recommend women remove their bras for back massage but if you feel comfortable wearing it we are glad to work around it). If for example, your therapist is only working your back, neck and shoulders during your appointment you may leave your pants and socks on if you wish.  You are covered by a sheet and blanket and each area is draped as the therapist works on it so you stay warm and comfortable throughout the massage.

We offer a heating pad on our massage tables as well.  Your therapist will ask you if you want heat on the table, the heaters do have settings, so we ask that you let us know if you need temperature adjustment anytime throughout your massage.

What if I Do Not Like Something During the Massage?

During the massage you should always let your therapist know if anything feels painful or unpleasant.  You may experience “therapeutic pain” such as when a therapist is working out tension or an adhesion in a muscle, but if you feel too much discomfort, please do not be afraid to tell your therapist. This feedback is important in the therapists role for you in your session and allows the therapist to make adjustments to work within your present state of being.

At any point in time you can ask your therapist to adjust his or her pressure. Do not be afraid to speak up, we are here to serve you and deliver the type of massage that you want.

How Will the Massage End?

Your therapist will thank you. They will then give you additional instructions for meeting you outside. At the end of the treatment, the therapist may ask you how you are feeling and answer any questions you may have. They may also make recommendations for aftercare, for example stretching exercises. They will then leave the room and allow you with as much time as needed to get off the table and get dressed. You may then meet our staff at the front desk for checkout, where you will have an opportunity to schedule another appointment if you would like. Rescheduling your next visit with us at the time of your appointment will save you 10% off your following services.

What Should I do After My Massage?

Drink Water: It is important to continue to flush your system out with water after your massage. Massages are dehydrating. Kneading and working muscle gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. That’s why many people have to pee right after a massage. You have to replenish all that lost water – by drinking more. For deeper pressure massage and detox massage we recommend drinking up to a gallon within 24 hours of your massage (before, immediately after, and the rest of the day).

Address Areas of Soreness: Soreness sometimes is experienced post massage especially for deeper work. You may need to ice or use a warm pack or heating pad. Stretching and taking an epsom salt bath is also beneficial.

Rest: You may feel tired, as if you want to lie down and take a nap. This is completely normal, and you should listen to your body.  If you can, make sure you have nowhere to go and nothing to do after your massage.  Massage is not just work on the body; it is work on the mind too.  It helps to de-stress and relax you; this in turn may make you feel tired.

Be Gentle with Yourself: Sometimes, if you have been experiencing lots of stress, you may feel the need to cry after the massage. On the other hand, you may feel elated, on cloud nine, full of energy. Both responses are normal. The key is not to try to keep these emotions out. The massage may channel these feelings and multiply them; whichever way, this is what the body needs.

How Often Should I Book a Massage?

Experts recommend regular treatments, but it depends on your personal situation. A massage every day would be wonderful, but practical considerations like money, physical need, and scheduling conflicts will likely play a large factor.  The best idea is to maintain a schedule, as the body becomes acclimated and used to massage sessions at the same interval. If you’re getting a massage for relief from day to day stresses, then once a month is a good place to start. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, or a recent injury, most likely it’s going to require more visits, or even a different massage technique before you’re going to be back to feeling 100%.
Budget considerations can play a factor, ask us about our packages and membership discounts.

FAQs: Skin Care Services

What Type of Skincare Treatment is Best for Me?

Before booking, we suggest looking through the skincare treatments on our website or discussing the options with our front desk staff. We are happy to answer any questions, help you decide what treatment might work best, and suggest a specific therapist. On the day of your session, your therapist will also talk with you about your specific needs, goals, sensitivities, and anything else that comes up to make sure that your treatment is what you want and need.

What is a Facial and What Does it Include?

A facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to promote clear, well-hydrated skin. Your esthetician will place eye pads over your eyes and conduct a skin analysis by looking at your skin through a brightly lit magnifying lamp. Your esthetician will then proceed to cleanse your face, exfoliate while steam vapor is directed at your face, and potentially extract any blackheads. Facials are a great way to stimulate your skin and facial muscles. Masks, toners and protective creams are used depending on your skin type.

Who Needs a Facial?

Everyone can benefit from a facial. If you have visible signs of aging which may include hyper-pigmentation, dead or flaky skin, or even blemishes, our facials can help. Facials are a proven way to minimize external factors on your skin and give your skin glow that will make you look and feel years younger. Factors such as stress, diet, damaging sun rays, and air pollution can make your skin appear older and less attractive. These factors speed up the aging process and compromise skin cells.

What is a Microdermabrasion?

The Springs Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial includes the Springs Signature Facial and diamond point Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a safe non-surgical, non-chemical, non-invasive method of skin resurfacing that utilizes fine diamonds to provide effective exfoliation and rejuvenation of the superficial layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion is a safe and common procedure. Unlike laser resurfacing or chemical peels, this procedure is not traumatic and therefore there is no downtime to allow for healing and recovery.

Much like brushing your teeth, microdermabrasion helps to gently remove skin debris. Since human skin typically regenerates at approximately 30-day intervals, skin improvement with microdermabrasion is temporary and needs to be repeated at average intervals of two to four weeks for continued improvement. Usually, multiple treatments (six to 12 sessions) are recommended to see a significant improvement.

Who Should Have Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is somewhat useful for people with dull or sallow skin, mild acne, acne discoloration, pick marks, and very superficial acne scars. Microdermabrasion may be a good treatment option for patients with superficial skin problems and busy lifestyles who are looking for minimal benefits with virtually no side effects or downtime. While there are no specific age or sex restrictions, typically children over age 12 up to adults age 65 can get microdermabrasion. While there is no age maximum, mature skin over age 70 may have slightly higher risks of bruising and skin abrasions.

How Often Should I have a Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion can be done as frequently as weekly or up to every eight weeks depending on your skin’s tolerance and desired cosmetic effects. Many people choose to start with weekly treatments for three sessions, then change to a monthly maintenance regimen.

Typical microderm schedule:

  • Week 1: first session
  • Week 2: second session
  • Week 3: third session
  • Monthly: fourth through twelfth sessions

What Facial Should I Choose if I Have Acne?

Saratoga Botanicals’ Clean and Clear Facial is the way to go. Our Clean & Clear Acne Facial is recommended for clients prone to oily or acneic skin complexions. This facial includes a deep cleansing, fruit enzyme exfoliation, extractions, followed by our incredibly hydrating green tea and collagen wet mask. Our Be Clear product line, which is specifically formulated for acne prone skin is used throughout the service. High frequency therapy may also be applied.

What Kind of Products will Be Used During My Service?

All of the products used during your skincare service are made right here at Saratoga Botanicals Organic Spa and Store. We have two different product lines/brands: Saratoga Botanicals and Spa City Organics, which is our line of skincare and cosmetic products. We take great pride in our products and the ingredients we choose and use. Most if not all of the ingredients used in the products are sourced certified organic and are Non-GMO

Are Your Products Vegan?

Most if not all of our products are vegan, meaning that we do not use animal by products or conduct testing on animals. However, we do test on humans and humans are considered part of the animal kingdom. We do use certified organic beeswax in some of our formulas, which is sourced from a farm, which uses sustainable and respectful harvesting practices.

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free.

I Have Sensitive Skin, Will Your Products Make Me Have a Reaction?

Our Spa City Organic’s line has a completely sensitive product collection called Be Gentle, formulated for sensitive skin types. Our Be Universal line also is formulated for sensitive skin types, using ingredients to reduce redness and inflammation.

What Products are Recommended for Acne?

Spa City Organic’s Be Clear line was created especially for acneic and oily complexions. Ingredients in our formulas hold a low to Noncomedogenic rating (meaning that they do not clog pores). In addition, our ingredients used in the Be Clear line help reduce redness and inflammation.

How Often Should I Get a Facial?

How often you should get a facial is going to depend on what you are looking to get out of having a facial.  If you have skin in good shape and are just going for the occasional deep cleaning and relaxation a facial can offer then every 4-6 weeks is a fairly standard schedule.

If you have severe acne and are looking for help in clearing it up then your skin care professional will likely recommend coming in once a week for a period of time until the problem is resolved.  Then you would want to continue on a 4-6 week cycle for maintenance.

If you are going for a series of peels then the schedule will depend on the type of peel you get.  Every day for a week, every three days for 6 sessions, and every week for 6 weeks are all common schedules but there are many brands of peel out there so if you go for a series of peels do not be surprised if they quote you a different schedule.  With peels though, if you want to see optimum results, it is very important that you stick to the schedule you are quoted as closely as possible.

When Should You Not Get a Facial?

Anytime you have an outbreak of something contagious on your face such as a herpes outbreak, you should not get a facial.  Not only can you pass it on to your skin care professional, the act of getting a facial can actually spread the outbreak to other parts of your face which are not affected. You should also not get a facial if you have a noncontagious rash such as eczema or psoriasis on your face. While you can’t give it to someone else, the facial could still cause the rash to spread which will be very unpleasant for you.

If you are under the care of a dermatologist be sure to ask them about whether or not getting a facial would be ok. Depending on what types of products a dermatologist is having you use a facial may or may not help, and in certain cases may hinder the doctor’s treatment of your condition.

If you have a sunburn, very sensitive skin, or rosacea a gentle facial would be fine but you would want to stay away from a facial that include an enzymatic peel, heavy exfoliation, and possibly steam.

When to Shave Before a Service
Please note that newly shaved skin may become irritated during scrub treatments. We recommend that you do not shave within two weeks before any waxing appointments in particular. If you regularly shave your legs or bikini area, it is most effective to have at least one-quarter inch of hair growth before your waxing session.

FAQs: Acupuncture

How Should I Prepare for Acupuncture?

  • Come prepared with any questions you have
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy access to acupuncture points. You may also wish to remove all clothing during your service if you prefer.
  • Don’t eat large meals just before or after your visit.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Make time to relax and be sure to get plenty of rest.

What Should I Expect During My Initial Consultation?

Your acupuncturist will begin the session by taking your medical history and discussing it with you along with your goals for treatment. This will be reviewed along with your progress at subsequent visits. Acupuncturist will examine your tongue, feel your pulses and palpate various parts of your body. This helps the Acupuncturist find patterns that tell which organs and meridians are out of balance. With this information the Acupuncturist will identify a pattern of disharmony. Please feel free to ask any questions at any point during your treatment. Your session will last approximately an hour and you will also receive your initial acupuncture treatment.

What Are the Rooms Like? Will I have to Share the Space with Others like that of Community Acupuncture?

Your room is private and depending on the treatment plan created by your acupuncturist you may be seated comfortably in a chair or laying on a table. Try to wear comfortable clothing to your therapy session. The tables are equipped with a heating option that can be adjusted as needed so please let your acupuncturist know if you are too warm or too cold.

What Are the Needles Like?

The acupuncturists use single-use, pre-sterilized, flexible stainless steel needles. New needles are used for each treatment. There are various lengths of needles that are used but all are generally no thicker than a hair. The gentle and expert placement and number of needles used during your treatment is individualized and determined by your acupuncturist based on disease, patient and season. A typical acupuncture session may include 6-18 points for treatment. These points are usually located along the meridians which may include points from your head, your toes, and all the points in between.

How Long Will the Needles Be in For?

The needles may be retained anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the condition. This is a great time to relax and your acupuncturist will be checking on you and repositioning needles for maximum benefit and comfort.

What Does it Feel Like to Receive Acupuncture?

You may feel a slight pinch while the needle is being inserted which should subside almost immediately. Acupuncture is not generally regarded as painful. Once the needles are retained you may feel movement of your qi, this is good and a strong indication of the therapeutic effects of your treatment session. People experience their qi moving differently and this can even vary session to session. This feeling may feel like a tingling or electrical sensation, or you may experience a feeling of heaviness, distention, warmth, or even a traveling sensation along the meridian. Most people feel very relaxed during the treatment session and may even fall asleep and feel energized afterwards.

Are There Side Effects from Receiving Acupuncture?

There are usually no side effects from acupuncture, however it is important to note that energy is being redirected in your body and chemicals and hormones are being stimulated. Occasionally the original symptom may worsen for a few days or other general changes may occur in the body or an emotional state may be triggered. This should not be cause for alarm because it is an indication that the acupuncture therapy is starting to work and it is common to happen especially within the first two treatment sessions; however, if you are concerned or would like to discuss it, we encourage you to call us right away.

What Should I Expect During My Follow-Up Consultation?

Your acupuncturist will review your medical history and ask you how you have been doing/feeling. Your acupuncturist will examine your tongue, feel your pulses and palpate various parts of your body. Your session will last approximately 30 minutes, which also includes the acupuncture treatment time.

How Often Should I Get Acupuncture?

Although some people will respond well to only one treatment, more are often necessary. The frequency of treatment and number of treatments needed is related to the patient’s condition. Generally, the longer the patient has had the condition the longer the course of treatment will be before showing substantial and lasting results. Acupuncture can be scheduled as often as five times a week or as little as once a month. Typically, in China, patients are treated two to five times a week. Although some patients respond favorably after only one or two treatments, others may not respond even until the ninth visit. As symptoms improve fewer visits are required. A client should discuss his or her treatment program with the Acupuncturist, as each individual case is unique.

How Should I Do After and Between My Sessions?

  • Refrain from overexertion, drugs, or alcohol for up to 6 hours after the visit.
  • Avoid stressful situations. Make time to relax and be sure to get plenty of rest.
  • Between visits, take notes of any changes that you may have experienced.


Out of respect for our dedicated practitioners, we kindly ask that if for some reason you can not make your appointment, Please give us a 24 hour notice. If you don’t call within the 24 hour time frame and don’t show up for your scheduled appointment, we will  charge your credit card for the full service amount.